I gamle tider, kunne man kun tale sammen ansigt til ansigt, i dag har vi mange muligheder.

Jeg foretrækker du kontakter mig via Email: youfo2@youmail.dk

Men ellers har jeg telefon 21 92 51 84 og Facebook til kritik.

Selv om næsten alt er gratis på min side, så læs også Rettigheder

Freeware pictures, You can use those in other places, for free and thats even if You resale them, no royality at all.

Well, I will be happy if You make a link to my page somewhere. Mail for fullsize versions, its allso free, most is about 6-10MB, a few up to 100MB, so make sure Your mailbox can handle that size. The only thing is, You may not remove my signature.

Not all images are freeware, så allways ask first, if You want to use them in other places.

If You dont speak Danish, send me a mail about the rigths a few pictures is not for sale, and will never be that. Most on the site, can be used as You like, without royality of any kind. Mail me for more information, if You need that.

Making links to this website: Use http://vedsegaard.dk